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Galapagos islands Family Tours

Galapagos family tours

Ecuador is ideal for family adventure travel. It’s easy to get around in this small, friendly Andean nation to explore the beauty and wildlife, cultural diversity, and spectacular landscapes from glaciers and volcanoes to lowland Amazon jungles, rich agricultural lands, and the exotic marine habitat of the Galapagos Islands. Friendly Ecuadorians, including many distinct ethnic groups of native people offer charming, home-style accommodations including former colonial-style haciendas and native Indian lodges. Opportunities abound to experience the simplicity of daily life as we visit native villages to learn about their ancestral ways of living, markets and schools, hike among farmers plowing fields and learn about weaving and other hand craft making. Wildland Family Adventures in Ecuador often combine the amazing Galapagos Islands and the spectacular Andes mountains with an optional add-on to the Amazon jungle Body treatments done with medicinal Andean mud

Galapagos Christmas Family tours 20181 - 2019

New Year's and Christmas in Ecuador is the most festive and colorful time for a Galapagos family vacation. Experience the fascinating blend of Indian and Spanish culture and holiday festivities in the Andes and embark on a Galapagos Islands adventure to discover exotic and bizarre wildlife voyaging throughout Darwin's archipelago. During this 8-day voyage, our private Wildland-chartered Galapagos yacht visits major wildlife sites including the remote Genovesa Island. We hike among among cinder cones, lava flows, white and black sand beaches, and rocky cliffs, and snorkeling and swim with sea lions in the clear Equatorial waters.

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Arrive in Quito and transfer to Patio Andaluz, a 4 star boutique hotel situated in the heart of the refurbished colonial center of Quito. Overnight Patio Andaluz or similar. [Meals on your own]

We begin our Ecuador vacation with a half-day city tour of colonial Quito, including the bustling Independence Plaza, the dazzling gold-leafed altars of La Compania Church, and the impressive San Francisco Church. Visit the Mitad del Mundo Equatorial marker and ethnographic village and museum. Afternoon and evening are free to explore this beautifully restored city with its busy pedestrian plazas, shops, coffee bars, pubs, and many excellent restaurants. Overnight Patio Andaluz or similar. [B]

Private transfer this morning to the domestic airport for the 2 hour flight to begin our trip to Galapagos. We meet our naturalist guide and transfer to the Eric, Flamingo, or Letty. We are greeted by the ship's crew who take care of your luggage and run through safety drills before our Galapagos adventure gets under way to Lobos Island. The protected and serene habitat of Lobos Island preserves many rare and endangered species of plants and birds found here. Watch Blue-footed Boobies dive for fish and see lazy sea lions bask on the lava shores. As the sun sets, enjoy a typical Ecuadorian meal, the nightly briefing, and formal presentation of the captain and crew. Overnight onboard your cruise vessel. [BLD]

Galapagos Family Tours

Darwin Bay, at Genovesa Island, is all that remains of the caldera from a collapsed volcano with steep, soaring walls. Snorkeling in the submerged caldera is excellent, as the high nutrient content of the water attracts an abundance of sea life. Known as The Bird Island, Genovesa features a wealth of avian species including great frigate birds, herons, mockingbirds, boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, storm petrels, and Darwin's finches. This afternoon you might kayak or ride the dinghy below the steep cliffs to view birds nesting in the narrow rock crevices. Red-Billed Tropicbirds, as well as Masked and Red-Footed Boobies are usually seen on the hike up Prince Philips Steps to the high plateau. The path meanders through the Palo Santo forest before emerging on the other side of the island. Overnight onboard your cruise vessel. [BLD]

Galapagos Family Tours

This morning, head out to Fernandina, the youngest and westernmost island in the Galapagos. Punta Espinosa is a narrow stretch of land where some of the most unique Galapagos species can be seen including Sally Lightfoot crabs, penguins, and Marine iguanas, which congregate in larger groups here than on any other island. Watch penguins throw themselves off the rocks into the water, while the panga driver skillfully eludes the reef to reach the landing site near a small mangrove forest. The Marine iguanas are everywhere: basking in the sand, swimming near the shore, grazing on the exposed seaweed in the lava, and blocking the way at the landing dock, one of the few places where you can watch them feed underwater. A short boat ride mid-day through Bolivar Channel will bring you to Tagus Cove, at Isabela Island. Whales and dolphins are often seen here. Tagus Cove was historically used as an anchoring site for pirates and whalers. The nature trail is an ascent through the typical dry vegetation zone and offers spectacular views of Darwin Lake, a saltwater crater lake connected to the sea by a narrow inlet. At the top of the trail it is possible to observe the different vegetation zones, catch a glimpse of Darwin and Wolf Volcanoes, and see Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants, and pelicans. Overnight onboard your cruise vessel. [BLD]

Galapagos Family Tours

After landing this morning at the beautiful black sand beach of Puerto Egas, on Santiago, embark on a hike through the dry interior of the island. Keep your eyes out for hawks, doves, and finches before reaching the opposite coastline. Deep aquamarine colored grottos shelter sea lions and night herons, as well as invertebrates such as sea urchins, octopus, and starfish. This is one of the few places in the Galapagos to spot fur seals basking on the black lava rocks. During lunch the yacht will motor to the other side of the island passing by beautifully scenic landscapes on the way to Sombrero Chino island, off the Southern tip of Santiago. After a wet beach landing among the sea lion colonies, the trail gives way to a primeval landscape of volcanic rubble including cracked lava formations and lava tubes. Mingle with marine iguanas and watch pairs of oystercatchers hunt on the beach. Photographers will love this location, as it is ripe with beautiful shots at every turn. Enjoy a delicious dinner aboard your yacht while anchored in a calm protected area. Overnight onboard your cruise vessel. [BLD]

Galapagos Family Tours

In the morning, visit Pinnacle Rock on Bartolome Island where penguins are often spotted. Hike 30 minutes up to the summit of the once active volcano for spectacular views of Pinnacle Rock, the white-sand beaches, lush mangrove swamps, and various volcanic formations, keeping an eye out for pelicans and Galapagos hawks. In the afternoon head to North Seymour Island, and follow the trail amongst swallow tailed gulls, blue-footed boobies, and the endemic land iguanas. Visit the largest colony of magnificent frigate birds found in Galapagos. As you stroll along the beach, you can find marine iguanas and sea lions surfing on the northern swells. After the walk you may decide to take a short snorkeling excursion offered in deep water. Overnight onboard your cruise vessel. [BLD]

Galapagos Family Tours

Visit the famous Charles Darwin Station on Santa Cruz Island and learn about current research and conservation initiatives including several breeding programs that hope to reintroduce specific tortoise species back onto the island of their origin. Meet Lonesome George, possibly the oldest resident of Galapagos and the last surviving individual giant tortoise of his Pinta Island sub-species. In the lush green highlands, explore lava tubes and pit craters, and look for wild giant tortoises. Enjoy a typical Ecuadorian lunch at a local restaurant. Overnight onboard your cruise vessel. [BLD]

Galapagos Family Tours

We make a wet landing on the beach where sea lions gather at Gardener Bay, Espanola. Snorkeling from shore here, we find plenty of beautiful fish as well as harmless nurse sharks and gentle sea turtles. Due to its isolation, Espanola has a high number of endemic species found only on this island; here we visit the nesting site of over ten thousand pairs of Waved albatross. At one meter high with a two meter wing span, the Waved albatross is one of the most impressive and comical aerial acrobats in the world. Remarkably, the islands off the coast of Ecuador are their only refuge on Earth. This afternoon our Galapagos trip heads off to Punta Suarez to see up to five species of nesting seabirds including the Hood Island mockingbirds, Galapagos doves, and Galapagos hawks. Prehistoric-looking Marine iguanas and giant lava lizards roam the terrain. A short hike leads to the Blowhole, a fissure in the lava cliffs which blasts incoming breakers into geysers over 90 feet high. Overnight onboard your cruise vessel. [BLD]

Galapagos Family Tours

We conclude our Galapagos Islands vacation by disembarking with our guide who accompanies passengers to the Galapagos Island airport for the afternoon flight to the mainland. Transfer in from the Quito airport and overnight at Patio Andaluz or similar. [B]

Galapagos Family Tours

Transfer to the airport for your return flight home or extend your trip to visit more of Ecuador's natural wonders. [B]

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2017 - 2018 Price: From $3750 per person. Land cost based on Cabin/Deck

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Single Supplement: $1400
*Additional fees of $535 per adult and $275 per child include internal air (Quito-Galapagos-Quito), Galapagos National Park fees, and the Fuel Surcharge. No Discounts are available on holiday departures.


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Dec 24 - Jan 3, 2019



Services as specified in the itinerary above include first class/deluxe (where available) lodging and accommodations; English-speaking certified naturalist guides; guided tours and excursions; airport-hotel transfers and land transportation; meals as specified [B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner]; services of in-bound land operator offices for airline reconfirmation; and tour operations and Wildland Adventures travel consultation and pre-departure services.

Ecuador family tours

DAYS: 11

GRADE: define

PRICE: From $3750.00 per person
* $535.00 Internal Flights and Park Fees *

  • Quito
  • Galapagos cruise
  • wildlife interactions
  • snorkeling
  • kayaking
  • Hotels/Lodges
  • Yacht/Ship


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 [B-Breakfast, L-Lunch,

Prices, Departure Dates and Included Services

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Services unless specified otherwise in the itinerary above such as international and local air transportation (Quito-Galapagos-Quito);National Park fees; airport taxes; tips and gratuities; optional or suggested services that are on your own; insurance of any kind; personal expenses; extra beverages and alcoholic drinks; medical costs; and hospitalization and evacuation and any other extra expenses due to unanticipated changes in your itinerary for reasons beyond control.



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