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  Main islands: Santa Cruz, Isabela, San Cristobal &Floreana
  Come & stay at any of these hotels and take a full day trip to the islands .....

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Based tours hotels galapagos Galapagos Dream
Beyond Evolution
The Islands Secret
Treasure Quest
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Galapagos Hotels by Name
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Rates:Usually Accomodations in the Galapagos Islands are definitly more expensive than Hotel in cities of Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and many others destinations Ecuador. becouse the high demand of visitor rates are much higher and usually hotels should be bokked in advance, hotel in Quito, Otavalo or elsewhere are cheaper. The cheapest accomodations,hotels or hostels has an average rate of $15 /per person/ per night, and the most expensive coast hundreds of dollars per night. Ecuador offers many different options for travellers , Go an enjoy your trip to Galapagos Islands choose the hotel your are looking for and save money & time go to Galapagos hotels.

Services to make sure :

Air Condition: Galapagos Islands air conditioning offered in mostly of the hotels however is not like that in the smaller ones, instead of this chepeast hotels has as an alternative portatil fun.
WI FI: free internet is offered in The most modern hotels . this service is a plus as a complementary is a good deal then internet cafes coast very expensive for an hour service internet.
Travel bureau: Insted of going in s cruise and spending the night in a hotel at the islands get information for day trips at the fornt desk or consierge then , you’ll need to organize your own visits to the sites you want to see. ask for recommended “travel agencies” in town.

Galapagos & Machupicchu South America tours
Organized tours to Galapagos Islands & Machupicchu , Southamerica tour operators and customized tours to Ecuador and Peru land of the inkas , Quito,Galapagos Islands, Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley urubamba and machupicchu .
Organized Tours to Galapagos Islands & Machu Picchu - Southamerican tours
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Machupicchu Peru Galapagos Ecuador Custom Combo Tour
Galapagos Ecuador Machupicchu Peru Classic tours
Galapagos Ecuador Machupicchu Peru Amazon Tour
Galapagos Multi Sport & Machupicchu Peru
Galapagos Multisport Alternative Inka Trail to Machupicchu
13 days 12 nights
11 days 10 nights
15 days 14 nights
15 days 14 nights
19 days 18 nights
Southamerican destinations
Itinerary & tour map Southamerican tours & destinations
Itinerary & tour map Southamerican tours Southamerican tours & destinations
Itinerary & tour map Southamerican tours Southamerican tours & destinations
Itinerary & tour map Southamerican tours Southamerican tours & destinations
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