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Catamaran Luxury Class

Catamaran Luxury class to Galapagos Island

08 Days Cruise Itinerary

Monday Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin
Tuesday a.m. Isabela: Moreno Point
p.m. Isabela. Elizabeth Bay
Wednesday a.m.Isabela. Urbina Bay
p.m. Fernandina: Espinoza point
Thursday a.m. Isabela. Tagus Cove
p.m. Isabela. Vicente Roca point
Friday a.m. Santiago: Espumilla Point
p.m. Santiago. Egas port
Saturday a.m. Rabida. Rabida
p.m. Santiago. Chinese Hut
Sunday a.m. Santa Cruz. Bachas
p.m. Plazas. Plazas
Monday a.m. San Cristobal. Interpretation Center

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Galapagos Islands Geology . flora & fauna check the islands . and its evolution check a list below of the main and minor islands and explore this lost paradise .

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Galapagos Main Islands
Baltra Bartolomé Darwin Española Fernandina Floreana Genovesa Isabela Marchena
North Seymour Pinzón Pinta Rábida San Cristóbal Santa Cruz Santa Fé Santiago Wolf
Galapagos Minor Islands
Daphne Major South Plaza NameLess
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